We combine intellectual rigor, objectivity,
and real world experience to solve complex
financial and economic problems.

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Whether calculating the financial and economic feasibility of implementing a large capital investment, modeling and forecasting financial output,  analyzing policy changes for a regulatory agency, forecasting output from a rail system, mining smart grid data to develop real options valuations, or developing advanced energy algorithms, Xicon Economics stands ready to make a financial and economic difference. In fact, every decision we render centers around increasing financial and economic output, regardless of the client with which we are working, be it in the business sector or industry sector. Our expertise falls broadly into one of three areas below.


Economic analysis is fundamental to all work we do at Xicon. Our experts have decades of education and experience employing advanced econometric methods to collect and analyze complex data sets, develop scientific models, and forecast data as a means of leveraging our findings such that quantitatively-driven decisions can be rendered.


We employ the scientific method to solve complex issues for the clients we serve. Accordingly, our experts are seasoned researchers who are well published in referred scientific and professional journals, regardless of their discipline. To this end, however, the research we conduct for our clients is not merely academic, it is practical. It is applied but employs the scientific method. Thus, our research makes a difference as it relates to increasing financial and economic output.


Our experts have substantial backgrounds and credentials applying higher level mathematics, statistics, and econometrics to solve complex financial and economic problems in the markets we serve, regardless as to whether those problems exist in business or industry. In so doing, we solve challenges that most consulting and advisory firms can only claim to solve, in turn, increasing revenues, profits, GDP, and other measures of financial and economic output.