Coupling his experience in engineering, economics, and research with Biblical insight, Dr. Herbert Barber brings intellectual rigor, objectivity, and spiritual discernment together to offer practical perspectives on the realities associated with the complex challenges of today.

Herbert M Barber, Jr, PhD, PhD is a respected author, engineer, economist, researcher, and teacher. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Barber has provided advisory and consulting in engineering economic systems as it relates to the implementation of large endeavors in industry and infrastructure. He is a seasoned scientific researcher with a keen understanding regarding the statistical and econometric effect and causality large economic endeavors have on economies around the world, in both developing and developed economies. Dr. Barber currently serves as the chief executive officer of Xicon Economics and previously served with Seminole Southern, Fluor Corporation, and Jacobs Engineering. Personally, Dr. Barber is a committed Christian who accepted Christ at the age of ten. He was reared in a strong Christian home with Godly parents who exemplified God in their daily walk. Over the course of his life, Dr. Barber has borne witness to the best in people, and the worst in people, both benefiting from and suffering at the hands of both. Despite all, his commitment to Christ has remained steadfast. Today, through many trials, personally and professionally, his faith in Christ remains waivered. As such, Dr. Barber draws no separation between his professional life and his spiritual life. Dr. Barber earned five academic degrees in engineering and economics that resulted in a bachelor’s degree and four graduate degrees, including two research doctorates, from Georgia Southern University, Florida State University, and Mississippi State University.