We combine intellectual rigor, objectivity,
and real world experience to solve complex
financial and economic problems.

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Xicon Economics was founded upon the premise of using advanced mathematics to solve complex financial and economic challenges in business and industry. We are proud to note that Xicon Economics is one of only a handful of firms leveraging its expertise solely for the greater economic good of society. That said, our experts work around the world in high risk environments, where being wrong is not an option.

We retain some of the brightest professionals in the world. Thus, persons desiring to work with Xicon must be comfortable working in high-pressure environments with bright people. They must have the ability to conduct highly complex analyses and studies using the latest scientific techniques with unparalleled rigor. However, our professionals must also be well versed in disseminating their findings, as well as helping implement their recommendations.

The typical professional we retain has approximately 25 years of experience in engineering, statistics, finance, and economics, usually with a combination of experience in industry and academia. They have multiple advanced academic degrees in the fields of engineering, operations research, economics, and finance, one degree of which includes an earned research doctorate (PhD) in their field. Further, the persons we retain are well published in referred scientific journals and have strong backgrounds applying the scientific method to financial and economic constructs.

Xicon Economics does not solicit resumes or vitas. However, if you are a highly accomplished professional with expertise in the fields we serve, and would like to join Xicon, please forward your resume to the address below for consideration.

Xicon Economics
Savannah, Georgia 31420
[email protected]