We combine intellectual rigor, objectivity,
and real world experience to solve complex
financial and economic problems.

The work we conduct at Xicon Economics centers on increasing financial and economic output in individual companies and entire economies. In so doing, our work involves measurably increasing revenue, profits, GDP, jobs, personal incomes, tax generation, and similar outputs that contribute to quality of life.

As an example of some recent work we conducted, we delivered a comprehensive economic feasibility and research study (economic impact study), along with our findings and recommendations, on a highly controversial one-billion-dollar port deepening project that will allow post-Panamax trade; that project required a minimum investment of $812 million in public monies for engineering and construction of the infrastructure project over six (6) years. Through 2030, we projected the return on that investment to yield $7.8 billion in direct business revenues in the private sector, not to mention, thousands of jobs, above-average personal incomes, and billions of dollars in tax revenues; which were also calculated and noted in the study.

At Xicon Economics, we have, in fact, conducted over 2,500 similar studies and over 3,500 advisories. Examples of the type of work we conduct include the following:

Consulting & Advisory

Industry Sectors

  • Energy & Environment
  • Trade, Maritime & Intermodal
  • Business & Industry
  • Policy & Regulatory


  • Randon Walk Theory Subjugation
  • Asset Analysis, Modeling & Forecasting
  • Probabilistic Return on Investment
  • Investment Analysis under Uncertainty
  • Probabilistic Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Multivariate Rate Design & Analysis
  • Revenue, Profit, Tax & Tariff Modeling
  • Complex Statistical & Econometric Analysis
  • Financial & Economic Feasibility Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis & Modeling
  • Complex Financial Modeling & Forecasting
  • Advanced Statistical Effect & Causal Analysis
  • Complex Statistically-based Financial Studies
  • Complex Risk Engineering & Modeling
  • Statistical Validity & Reliability Analysis
  • Market Demand Modeling & Forecasting
  • Labor Demand Modeling & Forecasting
  • Advanced Statistical Effect & Causal Analysis
  • Complex Statistically-based Financial Studies
  • Quantitatively-based Planning Studies
  • Financial & Economic Forecasting
  • Investment Analysis under Uncertainty
  • Probabilistic Return on Investment
  • Quantitative Survey Research
  • Scientific & Applied Research
  • Complex Decision Modeling
  • Expert Testimony